Frequently Asked Questions

What types of construction will Division One do?

No job is too big or too small for the Denver contractors Division One Construction! We are a residential and commercial Denver builder and contractor, and remodeling, refinishing, and renovation company in Denver, Colorado. We work throughout the Denver area to provide high quality, competitively priced new home construction, renovations, home additions, pop tops, kitchen remodels, basement remodels, bathroom remodels, historic renovations, home improvements, basement finishing, fix and flips, and much more.

I want to remodel my home in the Denver area. Where do I start?

Contact Division One Construction at 303-316-9400 or! We will be happy to help you with your Denver-area construction, renovation, addition, remodeling, pop top, historic renovation, commercial project, and much more.

Once I contact Division One Construction in Denver, what is the process?

After you contact our Denver contractors ( or 303-316-9400), there is an easy three-step process that will unfold.

1. A representative from Division One Construction in Denver will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your home renovation, remodeling, or construction needs.

2. You will have a conversation with the representative discussing your home renovation, remodeling, or construction needs and your timeline.

3. The representative will schedule an in-person consultation to come see your home and your construction project scope.

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