Design-Build Philosophy

Historically, architecture and construction were part of a seamless process completed by Master Builders who were responsible for the design, budgeting, management, and construction of a project. In more recent times, as specialization became the norm, architecture and construction were split into two distinct disciplines, with questionable results. This chasm between those who design buildings and those who build them has led to construction coordination problems, budget busts, and has contributed to the overall bad reputation of the building industry.

Division One Construction in Denver really is different. As professional home builders in Colorado, we are an integrated team that is responsible for your project from conception to completion. Our process is architecturally driven, but the architecture is informed by construction considerations such as build-ability, budget and the input of the building trades on which we depend. The result of this single source design/build approach is a consistency, completeness, and quality that is hard to equal. Contact our home builders in Colorado to learn about how we can help

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