The Hottest Summer Home Design Trends for 2017

Thursday, May, 11th, 2017 at 10:14 am by seogon

home design trends

In 2017, we are seeing a slew of trends related to new home construction in Denver that is worth taking a look at. Whether you’re thinking about planning a home from scratch or you’re ready to remodel your existing home, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in these hot trends.

Home Design Trends 2017

Here’s a rundown of most popular design inspirations so far in 2017:

Transforming Living Rooms Into Great Rooms

The heyday of the living has come to an end. According to a spokesperson from Minneapolis luxury home builder Erotas Building Corp., more and more homeowners are instead opting for great rooms. “Rather than furnishing a living room with the typical couch, love seat and entertainment center, great rooms are multi-purpose spaces designed for entertaining, studying and maybe something completely different as well.” Other room types on the rise include formal dining rooms and mudrooms.

Switching to Green Living

This is a great move economically and environmentally. There are many ways to prioritize energy-efficiency in your home — installing green lighting fixtures, low-flow faucets, Energy Star appliances, tinted windows and sun room additions just to mention a few. A Central Roofing, a Minneapolis roofing contractor, says energy efficiency has also become a huge factor in residential roof design and material selection.

Giving Kitchens a Familial Face Lift

Modern families enjoy preparing food, dining and entertaining together in their kitchens. To make room for everything, the modern kitchen is getting bigger and more functional. If you want your space to be on-trend, think about adding a breakfast nook, a central island, walk-in pantry, extra counter and cabinet space and plenty of room for a table.

As far as style goes, kitchens are getting homier and less ultra-modern looking. Farmhouse design inspirations are popular, as are warm wooden cabinets and tables. Stainless steel is still popular but isn’t being overdone in kitchens anymore.

High-Tech Bathrooms

The bathroom is now the place where technology reigns supreme. Fixtures that control multiple water sources are just one of the advanced features that are gaining in popularity in 2017. These fixtures often come with touchscreen displays that enable homeowners to control water flow and temperature for the sink, shower, and bathtub.

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