Reducing Wasted Space in Your Floor Plan

Friday, December, 5th, 2014 at 10:53 am by seogon

Reducing Wasted Space in Your Floor PlanThere’s nothing quite as disappointing as meticulously mapping out your floor plan and realizing you’ve forgotten to utilize a valuable chunk of space in your new home. Use these handy tips to make sure your home will come together in the end just like you’ve envisioned it.

It’s important to understand first and foremost that not all space in your home is equal. Due to factors like elevation and layout, every structure and floor plan is unique. This just means that it’s your job to make every square inch count.

Knock Down A Wall

Want to dramatically open up your layout and create a light, airy look? Remove a dividing wall between two previously separated rooms. This can be a huge space and time saver, especially if both rooms were heavily in use before. For example, a separated dining room and kitchen can become an open social space, perfect for entertaining and cocktails with friends. A den and kid’s playroom can combine into one large living space, allowing you to work on your own projects while keeping an eye on your little ones.

Skip The Dining Room

In contemporary home layouts, the trend is leaning further and further toward nixing the traditional sit-down dining room. In today’s busy world, families do not regularly sit down for a formal meal at the end of the day. Instead, consider an open living room with a bar or breakfast nook for additional seating. If you already have a dining room in your current house plan, think of opportunities for space. Maybe it could be playroom, office, or nursery for a new member of the family.

Think About Your Needs

Putting the square footage where it counts is a sure shot to making the most of your space. If your rowdy teenagers are constantly bringing their friends over, you may want to allow a small room for hangouts and video games. If you’re an entertaining maven, you’ll want to add to your bar area. This often means cutting space from less-used areas like bathrooms and closets.

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