New Home Construction: A Typical Timeline

Tuesday, November, 18th, 2014 at 9:03 am by seogon

New Home Construction: A Typical TimelineThink that building a new home is as simple as signing some paperwork and letting the builders do their thing? Think again. Depending on factors like size, climate, and complexity, the construction process can take up to over a year.

Whether you’re building a quiet starter home for your new family or the multi-level mansion of your dreams, the process can seem a little overwhelming at first glance.

Here’s a sample timeline of the “ideal” home construction process from the moment the first shovel hits the ground to the first step through the door of your completed home.

Phase One: Weeks 1 – 5

First things first: before any planning or construction can begin, the land must be purchased. Make sure all paperwork is in order and that the chain of title has been thoroughly checked before moving forward. From there, the project’s blueprints must be examined and approved by your city’s planning and zoning departments.

From there, your workers will begin by pouring the footers of your home and constructing the foundation. The foundation material must then cure, which can take anywhere from a week to twenty days depending on the size of the structure and climate of your area.

Finally, the most exciting part of Phase One begins the framing. All the ingredients for your new home are there, but it’s not until the vertical frames that will eventually support your walls are created that you’re able to visualize the shape of the house.

Phase Two: Weeks 6 – 8

Now the work begins in earnest. The first step your builders will take is installing siding and a roof to protect your new home’s frame from the elements. Once everything is shipshape, trade professionals like electricians, HVAC technicians and plumbers will begin installing all the systems that make a house function. After all the systems have been installed and checked, they’ll be covered in insulation and drywall, which is then sanded perfectly smooth and primed in preparation for the design work.

Phase Three: Weeks 9 – 12

At last, the fun part. By now your home is fully fleshed-out, and you’ll set to work designing it to your specifications. Paint, flooring, light fixtures, appliances and more will all be installed to your specifications, and the rooms will finally begin to look like the images your architect drew up for you all those months ago.

Phase Four: 13-14

The end is in sight. After months of slow progress, your new home is ready to welcome you in. The final touches are generally simple: you’ll walk through the construct and give your foreman any problem areas or suggestions that you’d like tweaked before the build is finalized. From there, the structure is inspected again and approved for habitation. That’s it — congratulations, homeowner! Now to start unpacking all those boxes…

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