Building a New Home in Denver? Here Are a Few Tips to Help You Sell Your Old Home Faster!

Friday, October, 30th, 2015 at 1:34 pm by seogon

how to sell your home fasterTips On How to Sell Your Home Faster

For many people who dream of having a new custom home built exactly to their specifications, the biggest obstacle isn’t a lack of design ideas or a shortfall in the budget – it’s the challenge of selling their old home at the right time and for a fair price.

As you plan for a new home construction in Denver, it’s easy to put off your dreams because you think selling your current home might be too time consuming or too daunting. We understand, but we’re here to tell you there are solutions. We’ve talked with some real estate agents and gathered some ideas on how you can get a better price and sell your home faster. The extra money can go right into some beautiful finishing touches for your new custom home!

Here are a few cost-effective ways to sell your old home faster:

• Add lighting. Home buyer surveys often reveal the surprising importance of extra light. Making some minor changes (maybe removing some curtains and drapes) will allow more sunlight to brighten your home. Adding special lighting fixtures in key areas inside and outside will increase your chances of catching a buyer’s eye.

• Remove closet clutter. You want to show off all the great space your home has, so organize the closets to appear clean and spacious. You never know when a home buyer will peek into closets during a walk-through.

• Neil Spencer of The Ascent Group, a broker specializing in real estate in Castle Rock, advises sellers to de-personalize and de-clutter their homes. “You are trying to sell the idea of someone else living in your home. Remove personal heirlooms, memorabilia, family photos and curios. Store these items away safely before tours or open houses.”

• Upgrade smartly. Any Denver home remodeling project you undertake should offer a return on investment – and should help you sell your home. Even some micro renovation projects — upgrading door handles, cabinet pulls and tile grout – can make a difference.

• According to The Neir Team, specialists in selling Stapleton homes, you should keep your home ready for showings at all times. “Sometimes, you have to show a home on short notice. Make sure your property is always prepared for a walk-through. Keep the kitchen and bathrooms in tip-top shape and avoid clutter buildup throughout the house.”

• The Winter Park Colorado real estate professionals at Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties say sellers should invest in professional photos of their property. “About 90 percent of home buyers conduct their searches online, and 50 percent use a mobile device. In these scenarios, photo listings can make or break your chances of selling your home.”

Whether you need home remodeling services to sell your old home faster or custom home building services, Division One Construction is your go-to contractor. With our help, you won’t have to put off starting your new home construction plans because you’re afraid of selling your current house.

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