Denver New Home Construction Advice — Choosing a Color Palette

Friday, December, 4th, 2015 at 10:49 am by seogon

new home construction color paletteThere are a lot of decisions to be made as you’re designing a Denver new home construction. You have to select the floor plans and choose appliances all while maintaining focus on every little detail that also can play a role in defining your home. Keeping track of it all can be a bit overwhelming at times.

The following tips can help you get through a step that can be surprisingly difficult for some: choosing a new home construction color palette.

How to Choose a New Home Construction Color Palette

To get started, look to the items you are planning to place in your new home. It should be obvious that your walls need to be in color harmony with rugs, upholstery and furniture, but people often fall in love with a particular color when shopping for wall paint and lose sight of how everything will work together.

Trying to choose color patterns that align with your décor can be easy or difficult, depending on what you have to work with. Along with all the items mentioned above, you also need to think about artwork, pictures and other objects that will be hanging on your walls. According to a representative of 651 Carpets, a Minneapolis carpet installation company with expertise in color matching, “achieving color harmony between flooring and walls is an absolute must during home design.”

When also recently spoke with a color expert at Edina Painting, a house painting company in Minneapolis, who offered similar advice: “When looking at everything together, a color theme should start to present itself. If the palette looks confusing or cluttered at first glance, you should start thinking about making some changes.”

Bold vs Soft

Some colors are much bolder than others. There is a time and a place for each, so it’s a matter of knowing what’s more suitable for your home. The great news is that many homes today are moving away from the traditional white walls to colorful schemes. You can choose to go with soft neutral colors or with something bold that will make a room pop. Dark blues and bright reds would be considered bold colors, while earth tones and pale colors are considered soft.

Consider Adjoining Rooms

There are numerous areas of your home where there will be adjoining rooms. In many layouts, the dining room, kitchen and living room are adjoined. In the hallway, you’ll often find bedrooms, bathrooms and studies adjoined. Consider the colors you paint the walls in adjoined rooms to ensure they go well together. You can opt for neutral colors in these areas, or just select colors that complement one another.

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