5 Home Remodeling and Landscape Design Ideas

Friday, April, 1st, 2016 at 1:12 pm by seogon

Denver home additions

Home remodeling and landscaping can completely transform your living space at a far lower cost than moving to a new home would. Remodeling allows you to maintain the familiarity of your existing home while you benefit from the excitement that comes from moving to a new home. Below we discuss some useful home remodeling and landscaping tips to help you rejuvenate your living space.

Ensure seamless home additions. When remodeling or expanding your existing home, make sure that the new additions combine seamlessly with your existing layout. Newly added features such as patios, porches and decks must feel like an extension of your indoor space while meshing well with the surrounding landscape. The professional and experienced contractors at Division One are experts at maintaining visual consistency with existing spaces when completing Denver CO home additions.

Add sunrooms and garden cottages. Certain home additions – such as sunrooms and garden cottages – not only let you unwind and relax while you remain close to the comforts of your home; they add to your lifestyle by providing new spaces for social and family events. Sunrooms allow you to enjoy views of your property while you are sheltered from bad weather. Similarly, a garden cottage or a garden office will provide a comfortable space for your home-office and for weekend gatherings.

Consider simple additions. Home remodeling projects do not need to be elaborate to have a big impact. Some simple changes can help create additional relaxing spaces in your home without requiring a lot of inconvenient construction time. Getting started with the installation of a pergola or a backyard swing bench might help you see your home in a whole new light and inspire other changes down the road. A representative from a contractor specializing in decorative concrete in Colorado Springs recently reminded us how far some simple landscape designs can go.

“Another excellent, small yet visually striking option is to install a water feature to your yard. Such additions will allow you to add an enjoyable and charming space at a cost that you can afford,” said a spokesperson for Dean Bjorkstrand Landscaping.

Choose a reputable remodeling contractor. While planning your home redesign, remodeling or landscaping project, it is very important that you employ an experienced remodeling contractor with a long track record of successfully executing a variety of projects in a timely fashion and within the original budget. A professional remodeling contractor will guide you on remodeling options that you may not be aware of.

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