Denver Home Addition Planning Tips

Monday, December, 21st, 2015 at 10:34 am by seogon

denver home additionA home addition can be something as small as building a separate office or garage that is not connected to your property, but is on your land, or as large as adding a second story to your home, increasing the square footage of your property and its value.

If you are considering an addition to your home, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making the leap. Things such as time constraints or budget limitations are obvious concerns, but also deciding whether you need the extra room or want it, and what the extra room would be utilized for, is extremely important. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when discussing home additions in Denver with a contractor.

Necessity or Luxury

No one goes into a remodeling project that is complete with room additions without having a good reason. What you should consider is how the new space will be utilized. Is your family growing? Do you need extra bedrooms for your houseguests? Do you need a separate office space away from distractions?

Keeping the reason you need the extra space in the forefront of your mind is one of the best ways to approach any discussion of an addition with a contractor. By telling them your actual needs, they can help you plan appropriately for the project and give you the room you need.

By deciding whether or not that extra garage is a necessity or luxury, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle in the planning stages of your remodeling project. You will also save yourself headaches if your budget becomes overgrown because of the needs of your additions.

Budgetary Constraints

It may seem obvious, but your budget will determine whether or not you can afford an addition, both in the short-term—while remodeling—and in the long term. That’s right, while spending time budgeting out your remodeling costs is vital, you should also factor in the budget of furnishing and decorating that room, as well as the cost of electricity, plumbing, heating, and cooling throughout the year.

Many people fail to realize that an additional room or story can tack on hundreds of dollars a year to your utility bills, and it is something that a licensed and qualified contractor will remind you of in the planning stages. Be sure to ask your contractor about any costs that an addition will tack onto your remodeling project.

Aurora CO roofing contractor Chris Haehnlein also suggests looking ahead to potentially budget for necessary roof replacements, especially if you have an older home that will need further updates soon. A home addition may not be all you have to account for.

Getting a Denver Home Addition Consultation

It is critical that you get a consultation before embarking on the planning stage to any renovation, especially if you would like an addition to your home. A Division One contractor will be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of additions to you in detail, and assist you as you decide on what kind of addition you would like.

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