Custom Home vs Production Home — Which is Better For You?

Monday, November, 23rd, 2015 at 10:49 am by seogon

custom home vs production homeCustom home vs production home — each has its own unique advantages. If your journey to a new home is stuck on the first step – choosing between a custom home builder and a production home builder — we have some info that will help you make a choice and move forward.

Custom Home vs Production Home — What’s the Difference?

A production builder builds multiple homes at one time, based on a library of predetermined home plans. These plans often allow for some customization by the homeowner, but certainly not as much as a custom home plan. Things like appliances, flooring, countertops, and cabinets are usually all that can be tweaked within a production design.

On the other hand, a custom builder builds a unique home that allows more room for in-depth customization of floor plans, layouts, and room sizes as well as appliances and other amenities. Anyone looking for more control over the final result of their new home would be wise to opt for a contractor that deals with custom new home construction in Denver rather than a production home builder.

The Benefits of Using a Custom Home Builder

There are a number of benefits associated with working with custom builders, including:

• You can choose the land where your home is built (the one you own or plan to buy).
• You can use your own created floorplan or a commissioned set of home plans that have been drawn from scratch by an architect.
• You can choose the architect you want working on the project alongside the custom builder. A design-build company can also be used (they’re responsible for the architectural design and the construction).
• You’re more involved in the process of the design and construction of your home, allowing you to make decisions all the way through to completion.
• You have the freedom of choosing whatever products/materials fit within your budget, rather than choosing from a pre-determined menu of options.

You can bring your unique vision to life by working with Division One Construction on a custom home design. No one knows better than you how your new home should look and feel!

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